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309 Capitola Avenue

Capitola, California 95010


Neil Simmons is a photographer with a flair for life that shows up in his work. With a background in both business and photography (as a double-major at San Jose State University), fueled by a true affinity for the art of making pictures, Simmons exemplifies what it means to be a risen star in the field of professional photography. Raised in Santa Cruz County, Simmons lives close to many of his favorite photogenic spots, but he also makes a point of traveling to study other parts of California and the West, enjoying the challenge of getting the shots he wants while on the road. The world around him, shimmering and rippling with ever-changing light, provides Simmons with the materials he needs to be inspired and productive. An avid surfer and snowboarder, Simmons enjoys being out in natural settings sharing the activities he loves most with his wife and two children.

In addition to working with a camera, Simmons plays bass and sings lead vocals for a band called "Fire's Fury." Making music with long-time friends is part of the creative process that keeps Simmons' edge sharp and his feet well-grounded. Sure, he may be off somewhere in Yosemite setting up three cameras in the middle of the night to capture starlight, but he can be counted on to return in time to water his garden and make band practice. The hard-driving rhythms that he enjoys give Simmons his sense of timing and the ability to find those moments with the most energy, and his collection of orchids helps him to know how to care for fickle beauties.

Neil Simmons is a professional photographer, a musician, a surfer, and a snowboarder, but he is also a father, a husband, a son, and a grandson. After all, it was his grandfather, Walt, who initiated Neil into the world of photography by introducing the young boy to the art of making black and white prints in his darkroom in Rhode Island. His connection to his family gives Simmons a strong understanding of who he is, which translates in the clarity of his style and imaging. It is this combination of artistic edge with deeply entrenched commitment to family, friends and clients that makes Neil Simmons a unique photographer to work with and a great choice to create a memorable archive of photography for your wedding or family.