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"I enjoy photographing couples set against the awesome scenic vistas here in Jackson Wyoming.  I've explored the most beautiful spots from Afton Wyoming (south of Alpine Wyoming on Highway 89) to Yellowstone and know when and where to go for the best results. Whether you want natural light in an outdoor setting or a formal studio portrait (or both), I'm ready to create a stunning set of portraits with you."

At the center of Neil Simmons' photographic practice is the art of working with people. Portraiture is one of the oldest and most important cultural forms, and through years of accumulated experience Simmons has developed his expertise in the field. Whether it is leading a couple through an evening's golden light out at Schwabacher's Landing or working with a group of pin-up models in his studio, Simmons has fine-tuned a set of techniques for getting his subjects to appear comfortable in front of the camera. Simmons' knowledge of the locations he chooses for portraiture, his clear manner of giving direction, and his inventiveness with poses and concepts for shots creates a relaxing work environment. Fully aware that Simmons has mastered his craft, his clients are able to trust in his process, which is often critical for getting those powerful, but sometimes shy, emotions to shine brightly in the photos.

Often photographing his subjects in Lincoln and Teton Counties, Simmons has a vast array of places that he frequently uses for portrait sessions. Nothing evokes the romantic mood like moving through a field full of backlit grasses and wildflowers out in Schwabacher's Landing or sitting on a bench overlooking the last rays of light bouncing around on the Grand Tetons. Always happy to work with specific requests, Simmons is a wealthy resource of knowledge when it comes to where to find the right light for a portrait session. Who knows, maybe you will find a new spot in Star Valley or Grand Teton National Park, too.

Simmons also works with a full studio setup and enjoys the opportunity to play with intricate lighting arrangements, backgrounds, and props. Whether you want a family portrait to send to the relatives for the holidays or some fun pin-up style photos for your significant other, Simmons is ready to deliver.









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