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"From worldwide destinations or 5-star resorts in the Monterey Bay area to humble backyard barbecues, my goal is to customize a wedding package that fits your desires and needs. Whether it is a spontaneous elopement at the Dream Inn by the Boardwalk, an extravagant 300-guest wedding at the Chaminade perched on top of a hill overlooking Santa Cruz planned a year in advance, or a three-day traditional Indian wedding ceremony held at Seascape Resort in Aptos, I enjoy providing high quality photographic services tailored to your specific requests."

Neil Simmons has assembled a team of extraordinary photographers, "Team Neil," to fulfill your desire to create an archive of memories of your wedding day. Artists, from at least the time of Rembrandt, have famously created studios with a unique style attributed to the master, even while a number of hands have gone into the work. Simmons wisely follows in this tradition, employing other professionals to help him to obtain the best combination of candid, artistic, and conventional wedding photos and video. This strategy gives Simmons the capacity to work with the couple, the wedding party, and the extended family without missing the fun and unexpected moments that happen spontaneously all the while.

Of course, Simmons brings his double-edged style to play even when he operates alone, but he is able to create a photo album with greater depth and dimension by incorporating other voices into his work. While he is very specific in the kinds of shots he want, Simmons also allows a degree of freedom for his second shooters to be more creative with their camera-work. Both providing fellow photographers with employment and giving his clients the best possible range of talent, Simmons' approach to wedding photography makes it into a team effort imbued with the spirit of collaboration.

From the grassy bluff abutting Chaminade's famous outdoor setting to the Cypress-lined promenade at Seascape Resort, Simmons' familiarity with the nicest wedding venues in Santa Cruz and Monterey gives him a sure advantage in finding the best angles to record your wedding day. With that said, Simmons also enjoys and encourages the opportunity to work in new locations, and especially enjoys destination weddings. Nothing is more rewarding than taking all of his acquired experience and applying his techniques to a new venue.

Whether working solo or with a team, at home or at a destination, Neil Simmons relies upon his artistic vision and photographic skills to create the best possible collection of images for your family to remember this special event.



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