About the Photographer(s):

Neil Simmons is a professional fine art landscape, wedding, portrait, and commercial photographer based in Santa Cruz, California.
He has pursued his passion for outdoor photography, surf, and travel for over fifteen years and has established himself
as an outstanding business owner, community member, and family man.



Workshop FAQ'S:

  • We specialize in Nikon and Canon camera gear; Fuji, Olympus, Minolta, Sony, and other digital SLR cameras
    are welcome, but please bring your manual to help answer questions.

  • NO food or water is provided or included in the workshop. You are responsible for arranging for your
    own food and drink each day. Lots of food is available within a 2-minute walk of the studio in
    Capitola Village. Breaks will be incorporated into each day.

  • Transportation to and from the workshop is not provided. However, we will arrange
    transportation/carpool between the studio and various workshop locations

  • Bathrooms are not always available on location

  • Summer days and late nights can be misleading; please bring plenty of warm layers
    to accommodate both hot and cold temperature fluctuations. We will not leave locations
    due to inclement weather.


Rainy Day Policy:

Our 1 day workshops could be postponed due to bad weather.   This would include a 70% chance of rain or greater.   I will be in contact a few days before the workshop with weather updates.   Our two-day workshops are meant to accommodate the changes in weather and light that occur naturally and challenge all photographers. We are aiming to shoot two to three sunrises/sunsets over the weekend to ensure that at least one session will result in optimal shooting conditions. Rain or stormy weather will not automatically cancel a workshop; these conditions can help create the most dramatic landscapes and will certainly challenge both us and you! However, you will be responsible for bringing appropriate clothing, shoes, and camera protection.


Deposit, Payment & Cancellation:

Workshops have limited space and availability. A 50% deposit is required to reserve your space in the workshop.
The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to the workshop date. If you must cancel your booking less than
2 weeks in advance and we cannot fill the space, you will forfeit your deposit. If we are able to book another
attendee, you will be fully refunded after the workshop is completed. If you have a personal emergency, please contact us.


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